Come Home to Delicious Easy Crock Pot Recipes Already Prepared!


Once, everything was cooked slow. True to our heritage, we long for food that has nothing "fast" about it. Slow cooking is about planning and about following time-honored recipes for classic dishes. It's about learning something new; it's about putting real thought into your cooking.

Welcome to the world of crock pots. Soon your house, too, will be filled with the scent of caramelizing onions and garlic. And don't forget those oh so tender meats, mouth-watering soups and one pot wonder meals.

Easy Crock Pot Recipes celebrates all that is slow - all of our recipes cook on low heat for several hours. Nearly all of them can be mixed early in your day and set cooking. The flavors will combine throughout the afternoon as the dish gets more and more tender, until it is delectable and melts in your mouth.

Our free crock pot recipes are simple to prepare and use ordinary ingredients you probably already have on hand. We have just crock pot recipes and nothing else. All organized in a convenient easy to use format which you can print. Most of our easy slow cooker recipes contain tips and techniques to simplify preparation even further.

The great thing about a crock pot or slow cooker is you don't have to stand over the stove and wait for a dish to cook. Simply layer your ingredients, flip the switch and let it go. You can even fill it up the day before, refrigerate and then just turn it on in the morning.


Teresa Ballinger